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The last time I updated was just before the 4th of July. BAD PLAN. Since then, 438,176,192 things happened. And they were all kind of interesting. And I took pictures of EVERYTHING. Which leaves me with 47 (FORTY-SEVEN, people) pictures to include in this post. I tried really hard to narrow it down to less, but I couldn't. And I'm still boggled with tired, so this is going to be quick and dirty, I'm afraid.

4th of July -- Worked all weekend (so interesting). Attempted to make a quick trip to a local car show, only to find all the cars had left. Found one fire truck. Mildly disappointed. Partied at the neighbor's house up the hill (where we met the four zillion relatives of our nextdoor neighbors). Charlie joined a pack of unruly children. Fun was had by all.

Daddy & Charlie with the lone fire engine at the non-car show.

Charlie's own personal ice cream cone.

Picking up the neighbor chicks in his rocking truck.

Running with the herd.

Sitting with the herd.

Mike playing the bean bag game with the grown ups.

Charlie playing Rock Band with the kids.

General Summer Mayhem -- Charlie discovered a deep love of hats. Cotton discovered he does not have a deep love of Charlie kisses. Daddy and Charlie discover they like to sleep in. Somewhat.

Tractor hat from Ms. Sherry next door.

Tracey's Birthday Party -- My best friend Tracey cooked all her friends a meal for her own birthday. Sounded like a good deal to us. (She did not disclose she was going to make some of us work by carrying a chicken yard nee dog kennel around town.)

The spread.

The labor.

The group.

The chicken kissing.

The skeptical chicken petting.

Swimming at the Lake -- Apparently the lake is now giving people e. coli or some crap, so we're holding off on this for the moment, but we went a couple times in July (once with the Durfs, thus the photos). PS, I like to put photos of people in their swimwear on the internet. Be warned.

Seannan, Tracey and Elizabeth.



The boys getting piggy back rides from the girls. In a couple years, this will be the other way around.

Cookout with Georgia & Laura -- Unofficially celebrated another friend's birthday by letting her cook for us, too. Curious trend, this.

Crystal, Tracey and Elizabeth.

He wouldn't sit still for the diaper change. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Seannan enjoying the slip-and-slide.

Charlie enjoying the pool at the END of the slip-and-slide.

Finny enjoying everything.

Elizabeth showing them how it's done.

Hostesses Georgia and Laura

The boys discovered the tractor

Monster Trucks -- We saw them. But only in the Chik-Fil-A parking lot. Because we were traveling to Texas the next day and the actual show was late in the evening. Charlie had mixed feelings about this.

Texas Trip -- Went to Texas to visit my mom and stepdad. Went to the beach. Charlie had many firsts. Visited with old friends. Snuck in a photo shoot. LOTS of fun had by all.

Hugh, Mom and Charlie

First Dairy Queen.

Walking to the beach from the condo.

First time in the ocean.

First time chasing seagulls.

First personal tub of Blue Bell.

First failure at boogie boarding.

First encounter with an evil pirate.

First innertube.

First kite.

First ride on a ferry (he's pissed because we were leaving).

Knit In -- Wherein hundreds of knitters descend on one location (in this case, the yarn shop) and, well, knit. And when it rains, they go inside and continue knitting.

WHEW. I think that catches us up in an awful, shorthand kind of way. I really, really, really need to get better about this. Or stop leaving the house.